Android Device Chooser does not show started emulator problem.

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OS X 10.8.4

ADT v22.0.1

There is no way to run the program, has been connected to the Android device does not display the Android Device Chooser, or have been initiated by emulator.

Open the Android device USB debuging has no effect.

The direct selection did not start emulator, emulator will be started, but after the start is disconnected, Console emulator disconnected!


1,Start Terminal.

2,Enter the SDK in the platform-tools directory.

3,./adb kill-server

4,./adb start-server

You can list has connected Android devices running./adb devices, Device Chooser in Android can also display properly connected devices.

The October 8, 2013 supplement

If Android equipment, rather than a simulator.

Install driver in the right circumstances, does not show up in the Android Device Chooser in the case of,

It may be an issue with Android devices connected to the computer, connect using PTP, not MTP.

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Posted by Arnold at November 16, 2013 - 10:52 AM