"Great Node.js: to the end of JavaScript" "

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        The cover of the sentence Javascript Everywhere this already, Javascript has been everywhere, not only in the users of the client, also began to enter the server. From this page links to purchase the Amazon, book a total of more than 200 pages, 29 pages of this content, this content is less, soon finished the probation contents, feeling very light reading process.

        The first chapter is introduction part of probation, according to this part of the content may know the Node.js project is a new technology at the end of 2009, because the Javascript can also be run in the server and the user browser, so the development of Web application will only need a language will become a reality. Node.js is derived from Javascript, thanks the advantages of high speed and efficiency to the event polling (Event loop) technology, is built on the Google V8 engine. The book also mentioned that the basis of reading requires the support of Javascript, as a Web developer, Javascript is essential, but Node.js comes with a simple NPM package manager, can facilitate the online automatic installation packages (Library), stand directly on the shoulders of giants, call this package to realize their functions.

        The first chapter real about Node.js environment installed, Node.js can be installed on the operating system windows, Linux, Mac platform, windows installation is very simple, as long as the use of the standard MSI (Microsoft setup) can be completed step by step in the wizard steps, in DEB releases, as long as the use of the apt package management tools can be automatically installed, can also be used to compile the source is installed, it has customization. Test the installation is also very simple, as long as the implementation of some of the JavaScript expressions can be, as long as to be able to run that environment to build success.

        Executable files and dynamic language other and similar, more like CLI mode, open the browser to access on the server side to start the service. Then began using the NPM package manager, NPM package manager to install various rapid expansion module, like the C language library files, can improve the efficiency of development. The specified NPM warehouse is introduced in the final part of this chapter.

        The second chapter begins with the introduction of Javascript based content, Javascript as prototype based (Prototype), object oriented, weak type dynamic scripting language, represents the functional programming language. Based on the part of quick review data types, functions, objects, inheritance, are also briefly on the string, some commonly used objects.

        This did not really relate to the Node.js program writing, unfortunately, but only two sample chapters from chapter, this book should be relatively good introductory level of content, for contact Node.js not deep my readers are more suitable for.
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Posted by Francis at December 17, 2013 - 7:57 PM