SQL Pass Beijing to host the eleventh line activities, welcome (this activity in

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Activity theme: To evaluate the application of SQL Server 2014 and Fusion IO in SQL Server.
Location: Beijing Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. [International] Wangjing, three storey 308 room

Time: October 19, 2013 13:30-16:30

In the Office 365 application.: ;authkey=!AEV49QnEctC6ty8

Synchronous online broadcast address:

SQL PASS Beijing QQ group number: 2435349

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PASS is the abbreviation of Professional Association for SQL Server. as an independent, not-for-profit association, is committed to providing a support to share learning platform to promote each other, the global SQL Server community.



The lecturer and course introduction

The lecturer:

    Xin Jin SQL Server Enterprise Edition and Tier 1 team project manager, workflow performance she was responsible for leading Windows Azure VM. Recently, she is responsible for the delivery of SQL Server character to solve the 2014 internal organization and public cloud integrated mixed, including backup to the cloud and Managed Backup. Other areas of her work also includes the Windows Azure SQL Database multi tenant environment backup service, health service, resource management, database based organization in private cloud environment scale-up and performance. Before she joined in 2008 Microsoft, here, she is a student of database security in Canada Shidun University Professor Wei.


Course introduction:

    This course will introduce the main highlights of SQL Server 2014, including main memory database, aggregation, AlwaysOn Hekaton index of the column to do promotion, especially focuses on the solution mixed scene in the internal organization and public cloud under, this includes the database backup to the cloud, SQL Server and Azure storage integration.




The lecturer:

Gao Peng

    In 2003 the DBA, database IO experts, currently working in Jingdong Mall, design and debugging is currently responsible for high-end storage architecture

Course introduction:

In an important position to have their own people, what should be in the DB position? Storage!!!
But the storage should be what kind of? Why? In?
We should play in the local tyrants era? Soil Hockin? NO~~~~~~~IO card!!!!
Let us enjoy the local velocity.~~







    No. 15 subway line to the Wangjing station, along Wangjing street to the southeast direction will see Microsoft building and Mercedes Benz building. Enter the Microsoft building, 3 floor to the 308 meeting room.


PASS introduction:

    SQL PASS ( )Is a non-profit independent organization aims to share Microsoft SQL Server experience and technical exchanges for the purpose. SQLPASS is a USA based SQLPASS headquarters in Seattle, in the global establishment of interest groups, and actively organize various forms of communication, including the annual SQLPASS conference held each (), in all Chapter technology exchange activities, by means of knowledge sharing and strengthen the global Microsoft SQL Server and business intelligence community connection, sharing, learning, At the same time affect the development direction of Microsoft SQL Server platform.

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