The efficient development of the front end of the "one map"

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As a &lsquo map; ’ workers, first the graph cut cut so quickly, do not waste so much time on the map.

Just to the new company soon, see a colleague use slicing tool cutting. This method is to map should be good pictures will be magnified n times without necessarily cut accurately, also produced a lot of useless image products, in good trouble!

I feel very fortunate, fortunate to from the first map was a Niubi designer friend taught ‘ a map of ’ the skill of — — selected photos with just one click F2, picture obediently into the bowl.!

Here is a thought: the operation flow of record your complex for a simple photoshop‘ action’.

Fast channel

[Download] you only need to gently drop download ‘ a cutting action ’, and load the action in your PS can easily.

If you know how to load, can be directly used in their PS, also don't need to look down.


A: load action

The following was demonstrated in Photoshop CS6 into action

[Step] menu bar — > &mdash window; > action

According to the steps to open the actions panel, click on the upper right corner of the panel (see the red box), appeared the drop-down menu, select ‘ load ’, and then just download the ‘ a cutting action in ’. ok!

Two: demo key map effect

Successfully loaded ‘ a cutting action ’ after that, you can try to use F2, a cut out you want to cut the picture!

Open any PSD, demonstrates as follows

[Objective] will figure in the ’ &lsquo cut out of love;.


1 as shown in the upper left corner, in the &lsquo mobile tools; ’ ‘, automatic selection of ’ check and select the &lsquo layer;’.

2 click on the &rsquo ‘ love; small icon in the layers panel, we can see that love has been localized to the corresponding layer.

The front 3 and click on the layer of small eyes, observation of &rsquo ‘ love; will be hidden, so as to judge whether we really choose love.

4 then it is time to witness the miracle: Click F2, love the small icon into the bowl to come, as the following diagram.

Finally, with your customary manner to the ‘ the &rsquo storage format for web; from the menu bar, you can find it. I'm used way is ctrl+shift+alt+s four bond together by, operate up like crazy. Of course, you can also use this method provided in this paper, the simple operation to save for action, then a shortcut to fix everything.

[Conclusion] from now on, my mother will not worry about my map. Ideally, I hope this article can give you an idea or inspiration: the complex PS record of operation is a simple action shortcut keys.

[Annex] provides two movements for your selection.

1 key map (a map contains only ‘ ’ action)

2 agile development (including ‘ a map of &rsquo and ‘ action; a saved as web format used in ’ action)

The original article, reproduced please indicate from: Zhou Fei[]

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