Job execution process from submitted to the map

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1, The client calls the job submission function procedures will be submitted to the JobTracker;
2, JobTracker received a new work, notify the task scheduler of job initialization,
3, The TastTracker report to JobTracker heartbeat, which contains the number of slot remaining and can accept the new task information
4, If the TaskTracker is able to accept the new task, then a call to JobTracker TaskScheduler assignTasks for the TaskTracker foreign function allocates a new task,
5, TaskTracker according to certain scheduling strategy for the TaskTracker to choose the most appropriate task list, and the list is returned to the JobTracker;
6, The JobTracker task list to the heartbeat response form back to the corresponding TaskTracker,
7, TaskTracker received heartbeat response, start the task,

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Posted by Enid at December 26, 2013 - 6:35 AM