Excel permissions configuration in DCOM

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ASP.NET derived Excel error resolution memorandum

  The project site to use export Excel files, run times wrong: "CLSID failed to retrieve the COM class factories for {000-0000-0000-C0046} components, because the following error occurred:. "Internet and investigation for a long time, finally found a solution, is the original permissions set of problems, the solution is as follows:

  The installation of 1: office on the server of Excel software

  2: in the "start" -> "run", enter dcomcnfg.exe start "component services"

  Double click the "3: sequence component services" -> "computer" -> "my computer" -> "; DCOM configuration"

  4: in the "DCOM configuration" to find "Microsoft Excel applications on top of it", click the left button, and then click "properties", the pop-up "Microsoft Excel

  Program properties "dialog box

  Click on the "5:" logo "tab, select the interactive user"

  6: click the "security" tab, in the "startup and activation permissions" click "Customize", then click the hole click "Edit" button, the pop-up "security" dialog box filled with

  A "NETWORK SERVICE" user (note to select the computer name), and give it to "the start" and "local activation" permissions

  7: is still the "security" tab, in the "access" and click on "custom", then click "Edit", "security" in the pop-up dialog box also add"NETWORK

  SERVICE"The user, and then give the "local access" permission

  In this way, we configured the response of Excel DCOM permissions

  Note: This is the configuration in the WIN2003, at 2000, is possible to configure ASPNET users

  Because EXCEL is on the server, the write a derived data stored on the server, and then passed to the client for the last time

  When using this function to delete the previously on the server are born all Excel


  But according to the method in the system of DCOM settings but did not find the Microsoft Excel application ??


  Having found the cause, as follows, is because I use is ranked as the 64 leading system:

  Main is a 64 bit system, excel is the component of 32, so in the service system components in a normal is not to see

  You can enter the comexp.msc -32 to open the 32 component services running in inside, can see in the excel component

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Posted by Ernest at September 02, 2014 - 7:05 AM