The Oracle configuration file

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                          The Oracle configuration file
One, overview
    Application of Oracle system in AIX, there are many configuration files for explanation

Two, the configuration file types:
2.1 Profile file
2.2 oratab file
2.3 initSID.ora (database instance initialization file)
2.4 controlfile (control file)
2.5 listener.ora (listener)
2.6 (listener)
2.7 tnsnames.ora (TNS file)

Three, the configuration file:
3.1 Profile file
Definition: the system and the environment variable file
Route: /etc/profile
3.2 .profile
Definition: user defined environment variables file
Route: /home/USER/.profile
3.3 /etc/The oratab file
Definition: a description of all the examples and home directory in the current database, and is available in dbstart program (automatic startup and shutdown).
Route: $ cat /etc/oratab
3.4 initialization file(initSID.ora)
File: 1. spfile<sid>.ora   2. spfile.ora      3. init<sid>.ora (the so-called pfile file)
Definition: the initialization parameter file.
Route: $ORACLE_HOME/dbs
Route: /orainst/product/10g/dbs
Related concepts:
The pfile file is a initsid.ora file, the SPFILE file is a spfilesid.ora or spfile.ora file, no other initialization file.
Instance can be based on these two initialization file to start
Instance startup, find SPFILE first<sid>.ora
Then find spfile.ora
Finally, looking for init<sid>.ora
File transfer: create SPFILE from pfile=init.ora create PFILE
cp init.ora $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/initorcl.ora
3.5 control file (controlfile) definition: the structure information recording the current instance, also contains the data file and log file information and relevant state, archive information etc.. Path: /oradata/cba/control01.ctl (from initialization file can be found) view: strings /oradata/cba/control01.ctl | more     1 the use of relevant views
        V$CONTROLFILE                   - list the name and status information of all control files in the instance
        V$PARAMETER                     Location and state information: list all parameters
        V$CONTROLFILE_RECORD_SECTION    Part of the record information in the control file - List
        SHOW PARAMETER CONTROL_FILES    - list control file name, status, position etc.
SQL> select * from v$controlfile; SQL> select * from v$controlfile_record_section; SQL> show parameter control_files; SQL> select controlfile_sequence from v$database;
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