The two interface prototyping tool

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I have engaged in the interface design and development for many years, contact a variety of interface prototype design tool , here to share a bit of my experience with you. Before doing the interface prototype design, impression most use Visio or some UML tools generally describe, effect and poor interaction, but the prototype design software of the two China I used are very well-known but very good, hope to have interested friends can have a try.

GUI Design Studio

* The latest version of: 4.5

* Free download

A practical interface model design a tool in a GUI Design Studio, can make the interface diagram of the realization of the basic interaction, for ease of presentation, communication. The recommended requirements, software interface design development interface prototype related personnel to use.

GUI Design Studio provides most of the C/S, the schematic diagram of B/S components, can be used in combination, in the general software interface model design stage to meet the basic needs.

Axure RP

* The latest version of: 6.5

* Free download

It is by far the most popular rapid prototyping software , it is a set of specialized tools to assist website or application planning design, can make application web designer or web interface designers, more rapid and more simple to establish Web AP and Website diagrams, flowcharts, prototypes and specifications.

Axure from the office interface, allowing users to quickly get started, and to provide a modified rich component style, makes its can create low fidelity, high fidelity even close to the actual effect of the interface. However, the most commendable is, Axure rich script mode, can click and choose to quickly complete the interaction, interface elements such as links, state switching, dynamic effect, so that Axure can generate very close to the actual product prototype. On the other hand, Axure can import other people create component library, designed to allow Axure to meet the most kinds of products.

Although the Axure RP has been a Chinese version, but for Chinese support is still not too friendly. When the input in a small number of elements, often need to switch the input method like repeatedly luck like, destroyed the designer user experience.

In addition, some prototype tool interface interaction designers also have used VISIO, Mockups, Dreamweaver, Pencil, sketch and so on, here is not one one of them, are interested can try.


The two prototype design tools are very easy to use, each has its own merits. Axure RP is a prototype design based on Web site for web, although it is practical, but for the process design of the software interface is somewhat cumbersome. While the GUI Design Studio finds a new way, directly to establish the connection between elements and elements from moving way create action process, greatly improve the efficiency of software interface prototype build.

Finally I want to say is, whether you are respected by hand, or like the prototype software, interface design is the most important or ideas, tools are used to help implement the idea. Don't be too the pursuit of technology, also need not too the pursuit of visual expression, you only need to focus on product logic, page interaction, layout structure of these, the rest is up to the designer.!

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Posted by Connie at November 21, 2013 - 5:20 PM