32 under the Windows environment, is integrated into the Lazarus FastReport VCL

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  A few days ago FastReport VCL announced support for Lazarus, I tried, and found no export filters, default character set is invalid, still have the problem that compatibility. In fact, the installation process and most controls integrated, is very simple, is to share with you.

  Say, I use the latest FastReport VCL v4.14 professional edition and the new Lazarus 1.0.8, installation steps other versions should be about.

1,In the Win32 FastReport and standard parts under the normal operation condition, running Lazarus IDE.

2,Lazarus IDE“Packages” -> “Open package(*.lpk)”.

在Lazarus IDE中集成安装FastReport VCL

3,Location to install FastScript packages, his default path is C:\Program Files\FastReports\FastReport 4\FastScript. Note the administrator permissions needed here, please set the FastScript always use the administrator mode open.

4,Open fs_lazarus.lpk, and then select the “ Use” -> “ Install”, and then restart the Lazarus, FastScript has been added to the Lazarus, as shown below.

在Lazarus IDE中集成安装FastReport VCL

5,Installed after FastScript, then locate FastReport package (fr4_lazarus.lpk), the default is C:\Program Files\FastReports\FastReport 4\Source.

6,Just to open the fr4_lazarus.lpk, and then select the “ Use” -> “ Install”, and then restart the Lazarus, FastReport has been added to just install script bag.

Note: because the FastReport using the Zlib library, in the above step is completed, the Lazarus may be unable to load, need zlib1.dll problems, only need to download the zlib1.dll and then into the installation folder in the Lazarus.exe on the line.

7,Then you can like all VCL IDE to use FastReport in Lazarus.

在Lazarus IDE中集成安装FastReport VCL

Finally, put a few download mentioned to you, pay attention to in the zlib1.dll Lazarus.exe folder, not on the system32.

Lazarus IDE  Download address>>

FastReport VCL 4  Download address>>

zlib1.dll   Download address>>

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Posted by Theobald at December 01, 2013 - 8:35 AM