Discussion on the development of Windows Phone

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Discussion on the development of Windows Phone

Talking about "mobile development forum", the overwhelming all about Android development, today I will simply talk about Windows Phone, only as a guide, also give you tired eyes a little fresh.

Windows Phone is a mobile phone operating system developed by Microsoft Corp, here is not introduced, and Android, iPhone that run on smart mobile phone, believe that everyone is familiar with the.

At present, Windows Phone (hereinafter referred to as WP) is clearly the market is less than IOS, on-line application as well as the Android and iPhone so much, however, we as developers, should be better than the average user is clear, WP advantage than other mobile phone operating system difference, when we can really understand WP, we will "do not have a taste.".

The forum is some developers, so we just to know it from the developer's point of view, we as developers, we should have a unique vision than the average user.

Windows Mobile did not how, perhaps Microsoft didn't feel what the pressure of competition, in the past, so, WM has been doing a general. Or you can say so, the power of iPhone is from WM's defeat, however, WP and WM is almost not what relation, because WP is backwards incompatible, it is the result of re design and development, WM program is not running on the WP, even if they are all two.NET is based on CF framework, but completely different.

So, do mobile phone application development, high cost? IPhone don't mention, the development cost of IOS application, I am afraid you sell fill not the back several application. However, Android and WP development is not money, Android uses Java as the main development language, WP can use Visual Basic and C# as the main development language.

The interface layout based on Android XML, a linear layout layout, form layout; WP is based on the XAML layout, relatively speaking, more powerful than XML, but XML you cannot use extensible markup, but XAML can, have experience in WPF development friends is very clear.

To the development of WP, as long as the installation of a Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone can be, once installed, good for the development of WP, very convenient, unlike the Android, to install JDK, Eclips, SDK, also install the ADT plug-in, that too much trouble, but the Google online installation is too slow. VS for WP you can online installation, you can download the ISO offline installation, very human.

This tool is free, you don't have to pay a dime, can have a powerful mobile phone application development tool, as long as you register, the key to fill the VS register window can be authorized, you don't have to spend a penny.

So what the WP development tools include?

1, Visual learning Studio 2010 Edition (formerly Express Edition), you don't look down on this version, have very strong.

2, Express Blend For Windows Phone, This is a design tool, UI can do the design as the use of graphic design software, I believe played WPF friends will not be strange.

3, The SDK tool, the most commonly used is the simulator, we cannot say that every time the debugger will take a mobile phone with WP on the desktop, as I say, these children from poor families, where affordable intelligent mobile phone.

Installation would not have introduced me to, and the installation method of other versions of VS, you can install it a road is, what does not need to do, without error conditions.

Another point to note is, or is not an arbitrary configuration of computer can install,, I don't have to buy a new computer.

(1) Processor, of course, the higher the better, recommended frequency not below 2 GHz, or you can wait card.

(2) Memory, the official said to 3G, but 2G on the line, of course, the bigger the better.

(3) The above operating system Windows Vista, Win7.

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Posted by Elton at December 20, 2013 - 6:40 PM