Ruby Gem

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Gem is the management of Ruby database and procedure standard package.
Ruby1.9.2 is installed by default on Gem.
Ruby Gem the default installation to the [RubyRoot]/lib/ruby/gem/[ver]/ directory, contains four directories: ceche, Doc, gems, specifications. Cache download the original Gem packet, Gem packet gems after decompression.
If the re install the gem package, to manually remove cache and gems in the Gem package, and then run gem install [gemname].
Commonly used gem commands:
#Update the gem itself

gem update --system
#Install the gem package from Gem source
gem install [gemname]
#From the machine installation
gem install -l [gemname].gem
#Install the formulated version of gem
gem install [gemname] --version=[ver]
#Update installed gem package
gem update
#Update the specified gem package
gem update [gemname] Or gem install [gemname] --version=[ver]
#Remove the gem package
gem uninstall [gemname]
#Deletes the specified version of gem.
gem uninstall [gemname] --version=[ver]
#For this machine to install the gem package
gem list [--local]
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