Summary of jsfl development problems faced recently

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Jsfl used in the recent development of a set of MUGEN character animation and data into flash script. A lot of problems, this memo.:

1 Drawing brushes and filling replacement filling and brush with the following code and not set the doc attribute

1 var f = doc.getCustomFill("toolbar");
2 f.color = 0xff0000;
3 = "solid";
4 doc.setCustomFill(f);


2 setting element export to AS3 according to the following steps, if the wrong order may be some be rather baffling error:

            lib.setItemProperty('linkageExportForAS', true);
            lib.setItemProperty('linkageExportForRS', false);
            lib.setItemProperty('linkageExportInFirstFrame', true);

Example 2

Flash ide will get stuck at 3 to import large amount of resources, JS provides no way to display the progress of another. In order to solve this problem, I use C language to develop an extended, display the imported progress in another thread in the window. When you use C Win32 development of multi-threaded program should pay attention to, another thread window cannot be as the original thread sub window, otherwise it will lose the original message to threading, and single thread. In addition the communication between threads, thread is arranged in the window from a thread, not directly call the general function, and can only use SendMessage, or there will be no effect.

The 4 script to wait for a long time will be prompted whether to interrupt the script execution, the development of a C extension, searching for a specific type and title in a fixed time interval with the Win32 API window (spy++ window to be optimistic about the target register window class and title), using SendMessage to send keyboard enter news. During that sometimes it will failure, using API to convert the input focus switched to the desktop and then immediately cut back to let it continue, for unknown reasons, just to see the manual switch will solve a part of automatic press enter action stagnation.

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Posted by Blake at November 18, 2013 - 12:21 PM