Besides margin (to be continued)

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That simple things in wisdom and great! This two days to see a cattle to write margin series, is really feel weak. There are some words I can explain all don't understand. So I try to look at, but with people than is certainly big pale into insignificance by comparison.

Here is what I encounter mention what, especially something I had not too much attention.

The margin attribute is applied to all elements. But, the vertical direction (margin-top, margin-bottom) on the attribute of "non for wrapping element" (non-replaced inline elements) is invalid.

Question one: what is "not for line elements"(non-replaced inline elements)?

Have a look first to replaced element:

An element whose content is outside the scope of the CSS formatting model, such as an image, embedded document, or applet.

There is a standard:

So replace element a, img, button, textarea, input, select.

Explaining it, knew the vertical direction is of such as span, a is invalid, and we know that height, width, line-height attribute is invalid for them. Ensure that the above second links to read will gain a lot, such as the margin: 0 Auto; why not centered under the left center.

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Posted by Ogden at December 08, 2013 - 7:41 PM