The MS DOS command Daquan

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One, basic command
1 dir
No parameters: view the current directory files and folders.
/s: View the current directory and its subdirectories of files and folders.
/a: View includes all files hidden files.
/ah: Only show hidden files.
/w: In a compact way (line shows 5 files) display files and folders.
/p: In order toPagingThe way (to display a page will automatically pause) display.
|more: The symbol is "the \" above, is calledRedirectionSymbol, is a
Command output parameters results for another command. More is a command, dir /w |more
The obtained results and dir /w /p are the same.
Other parameters you can use: see dir/?.

2 cd
CD directory name: enter the specific directory. If you see a catalog display: ABCDEF GHI
Input: cdabcdef.ghi into the directory.
Cd\ return to the root directory.
Cd.. Returned to theA directory.

3 md rd
MD directory name: to establish a specific folder. (DOS below the habit of calling directory, win used to call the following
Folder. Ha-ha!)
Rd directory name: delete a particular folder.

4 cls
Clear the screen.

5 copy
The copy path, the path and file name, file name: the copy of a file to another.

6 move
The move path, the path and file name, file name: to move a file (that is, + shear; copy) to the other
A place.

7 del
Del file name: delete a file.
del *.*: Delete all the files under the folder.
Del cannot delete the folder.

8 deltree
Delete folder and all subfolders underneath it and files, powerful... Don't mess with.

9 format
format x: X represents the letter, form a partition. Under the DOS is using the fat file system type
At the time of installation, Windows2000 will ask you if you want to convert to NTFS.

10 type
Type text file name: displays the contents of a text file.

11 edit
In fact, this is a small program, edit text files with.

12 ren
Ren old new file: file name change.

Two, commonly used on network command
1 ping
The Ping host IP or name: to the target host sends 4ICMP packet, The test host is received
And in response, commonly used in ordinary network patency test. But the Ping does not represent a net
Meridian impassability, there may be a target host firewall and prevent the ICMP response.
ping -t : Send data kept package. Of course is very small, can not be called attack. Some people write their own
Some kind of like on ping command procedures, stop sending large packets to the target host, blocking
Network connection.

2 net
Suggestion is to use net / information specific to help?. It has many parameters, also below the reference parameters
The number of. Commonly used: net view \ \ host view sharing, net start/The stop service to start and stop
Stop service, The messenger servicePeople don't like.

3 netstat
Host: host netstat view the current tcp/ip connection state, such as port state.

4 nbtstat
Nbtstat host: view the host using the NetBIOS name.

5 tracert
Tracert host: view from you to the target by machine in the end after the path. Such as:
Tracert then wait... You will see a routing node you pass
The general point, a router, such as telecommunicationsTrunk roadBy, in addition to IP, there are English mark

6 pathping
Host: pathping like tracert, but can show some tracert cannot be displayed.
Interest. You can try their own.

7 ftp
Character mode FTP, I like to use); not install CuteFTP.

8 telnet
Character modeRemote loginThe program, isThe network of peopleStaff very love forRemote loginThe program. I often
Used to debugMail server.

The network configuration, debugging 9 ipconfig very useful... Command.
Display the current machine without parametersThe network interfaceState.
/All is the first detailed information.
/The release of the IP release.
/Renew re apply for IP.
/Flushdns DNS cache refresh.
/Registerdns re planted DNS server registers itself.
. . . . . .

10 ARP operating current ARP cache.
-a display ARP cache.
-d to delete a cache record.
-s Tian Jia cache record.

11 NSLOOKUP exclusionDNS errorSharp weapon. Is an interactive tool. Please try to understand the role of DNS and the working principle of DNS before use.

Xcopy is aExternal command, That is to say, is a small program, sometimes be found no hard disk floppy disk, there is no... Faint. Of course, the courage to make better than copy, I like /e parameters.
Smartdrv.exe loadingDisk cache, Parameter is the size of the cache, the unit is KB.
Such as: smartdrv 32768 is loading the 32M cache.
Obviously the role of the cache when you installed WIN2K! Without cache WIN2K PRO to about 3 hours, after loading the 8M cache, as long as 30 minutes.
The principle is divided into a region in memory, during installation to continue to read the data on your hard disk to the buffer area, make full use of the memory.

AT andTask planAs.
The following is to use the method, can use at the command prompt, enter below: AT /? Get help.

The AT command arrangements at a specific date and timeRun commandAnd procedures.
To use the AT command, planning services must have been in operation.
AT [\\computername] [ [id] [/DELETE] | /DELETE [/YES]]
AT [\\computername] time [/INTERACTIVE]
[ /EVERY:date[,...] | /NEXT:date[,...]] "command"

\\Computername specifies the remote computer. If you omit this parameter, plan on the local computerRun command.
\\ behalf of the machine. And without this parameter.

ID is assigned to the identification number command planned.
For the recognition task, for example, you want to add several tasks, ID=1 represents the first.!

/Delete delete a planned order. If you omit the ID,
The computer of all planned orders will be deleted.
/Yes does not need to be further confirmed, and delete all the homework
Use the command.
Time the specifiedRun commandTime.
/Interactive allows operation at run time, and when the user login
Desktop interaction.
/every:date[,...] Every month or every week in the run command specified date.
If you omit the date, the default is today run monthly.
/next:date[,...] The specified on a specified date (e.g., next Thursday) to run the command.
If you omit the date, the default is today run monthly.
"command" Ready to run Windows NT command or batch program.

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