MeayunDB study notes (a) MeayunDB introduction and installation

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MeayunDB study notes (a) MeayunDB introduction and installation

MeayunDB study notes (two) bulk import data

One, introduction to MeayunDB

    MeayunDB is a free, high performance, high scalability, column type based on embedded main memory database, architecture using mobile computing, reduce client / server inter process communication overhead, and according to your traffic and data storage needs grow easily expanded. MeayunDB is easy to use, low requirement for developers, can greatly improve the efficiency of software development, MeayunDB is developed by C#, is the official website:

The characteristics of MeayunDB:

At the same time, meayunDB supports binary data storage, including large objects, support SQL data query, data automatic segmentation.

Applicable occasions:

Two, the MeayunDB 4G standard edition download and install

 Installation of MeayunDB database:

  1. Login, enter the download, download the correct MeayunDB installation package.
  2. Install.NET Framework 4
  3. Install the MeayunDB, double-click the Server.exe installation directory

Above the display graphical information, show that the installation of success.

Three, configuration

    <!--True to debug mode, and release mode-->
    <add key="debug" value="true"/>
    <!--Start backup-->
    <add key="backup" value="2013-07-20 9:32"/>
    <!--The backup interval, per hour-->
    <add key="interval" value="24"/>
    <!--Save the data path-->
    <add key="path" value="data"/>
    <!--The HTTP service address-->
    <add key="http" value=""/>
    <!--Business script path-->
    <add key="script" value="scripts"/>
    <!--MySql,Sql,Oralce three-->
    <add key="db" value="Sql"/>
    <!--The database connection string, the integration of MeayunDB relational database, can access relational database in MeayunDB-->
    <add key="cns" value="Data Source=DORIS;Initial Catalog=FDB;User Id=sa;Password=123;Trusted_Connection=False;Asynchronous Processing=true"/>

Four, postscript

Now we have realized the installation and service MeayunDB start work, follow-up will continue to introduce the application of MeayunDB, please pay attention. Welcome to reprint, please indicate the source.

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