The user GitHub to mice (5 minutes.)

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Beginning with GitHub when, under the Linux will not use, he didn't know how to get, the online search at sixes and sevens, and a lot of useless words, I am going to write a 5 minute tutorial.:

The premise of account what all done, this need not teach.

Below is a simple tutorial (submit local to the GitHub)

1 in the GitHub to create a repository, such as thread-pool

2 in the local create a folder to save local project (.C.cpp.H files),

mkdir thread_pool
cd thread_pool

3 on the GitHub project to your local.

git init
git clone

4 create or modify the file, such as a A.C file under the thread_pool folder on the local, it is modified or added, submit to the local

git add . //Add all changes
git commit -m "fix some bugs"//Submit, and explain the modified intention

5 submitted to the remote GitHub

git remote add origin
git push origin master

If the following error:

error: The requested URL returned error: 403 while accessing https:///chengshuguang/thread-pool.git/info/refs

The solution:  

In fact

1.vim .git/config

The 2 amendment http:///***** --->> ssh:///*****

4.git push origin master

6 complete

Enclosed I follow the steps above the input command history: (success)

-1. created a GitHub named test repository


0. mkdir folder

1. cd folder
2. git init
3. git clone
4. vim
5. git add .
6. git commit -m "first add"

7.git remote add origin
8. git push origin master//Error, in accordance with the above said modified for SSH
9. vim .git/config//Modify configuration
10.git push origin master//Success

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Posted by Edmund at December 06, 2013 - 2:07 PM