Android: how to resolve Application’s parameter NullPointerException

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How to prevent the application running in the background after a long time switch back to application value is empty and the crash.

1. Scenario

You have a customize Application (named MyApplication). and you initialize some parameters in MyApplication. When you press 'Home' , your app will be suspended by system . If your memory is not enough, the system will kill your app (include MyApplication). In this case ,  When you switch back to your app . if you access the parameter in MyApplication , the app crashed .

2. How to reproduce this bug manually.

You may not realize this before until the crash log from Umeng or HockeyApp , but you don't know when does this happen , only thing you can do is that wish user don't suspend your app or exit app when they want to brower other apps .

but you can reproduce it .

2.a) run your app through Eclipse , go to the Activity which may access the parameter in MyApplication.

2.b) click 'Home' , suspend your app.

2.c) go to DDMS , choose your process (com.stay.test) ,and stop it .

2.d) now , long press 'Home' or press 'Menu' to resume your app .

2.e) app crash

3.How to resolve

3.a) if you have a good programming style. and you have customized Activity as a super class . like BaseActivity , BaseFragmentActivity. And also you know Activity's lifecircle very clear , you may have a SingleTask Activity always on the bottom of activity stack. In this case , this bug can easily be fixed , just like how to exit app in any Activity

3.b) Well , if your code is not like that , pls change your frame , if not , you will find it hard to resovle bugs when the app became bigger.

3.c) set a flag in MyApplication , to represent your app's state , (-1 default , 0 logout ,1 login)

3.d) in BaseActivity or BaseFragment , override onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState).

check the flag in MyApplication ,

if is -1 , you should exit app and enter app just like user first to use your app . and the parameters in MyApplication would be initialized in correct workflow.

how to exit? simple .







Intent intent=newIntent(getApplicationContext(),SingleTaskActivity.class);




this will jump to the Activity which is SingleTask .  and with flag 'clear top'. all the activities exclude 'single task' in stack will be removed , and the 'single task' would be brought to top of stack . in this case , if you call finish() in 'single task' activity , you will exit app. cause the 'single task' is already exist , so it would not call onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState), it will call onNewIntent(Intent intent).










protectedvoidonNewIntent(Intent intent){




//TODO start Activity that you defined as MAIN in your manifest.xml



4.Check if this bug is fixed , you should test all activities you have , and make sure it is fixed . it may have different case , and you need to give a special solution .


Solutions have been written in very clear, do not provide additional explanation and description, if not, please let my pay for services. (source code and explanations)

Posted by Adalheid at November 18, 2013 - 4:02 AM