The mascot of the Duke programming language

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In view of this cute little guy before, I always thought that Coffee cup is Java mascot. Until you get "Java performance optimization guide" this book, know the little things Duke. The lovely Duke by Joe Palrang in 1992 created, Duke was similar to Office and assistant functions in Star 7's role, and then the Java (May 23, 1995, Java language was born. )Also called Oak. Oak? Don't James Gosling house side of such a tree? Duke is open source, mascot also open source? I Is it right? Can also add some whimsy?

In 2009 Sun was acquired by Oracle, Java creator James Gosling on his blog posted a picture, and write a sentence "So long, old friend." (goodbye, old friend. After the new owner) the Oracle is Java.

This is more popular on the network "open a dear", table Linux BSD little red devil, Penguin Tux, Duke, Mozilla red Tyrannosaurus Rex. The wall hanging Java creator James Gosling, founder of Richard Stallman GNU project and pictures of the free software movement (GNU) mascot wildebeest. We can also see Perl, openSSH, Gnome camel Fugu large footprints, etc. I think that is the highlight of their drinking cup.

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The performance optimization of Java authoritative guide "the father of the Java heavy recommend

Java performance tuning of modern large-scale key system, is a challenging task. You need to pay attention to all kinds of problems, including the algorithm structure, memory allocation pattern as well as the disk and file I/O to use. The most difficult performance tuning is usually found out what the problem is, even experienced people will be misled by their intuition. Performance killer always hide in the beat all.

As Wikipedia said: "Science (from the Latin Scientia, meaning ‘ ’) is constructed to explain and predict the world can be confirmed and the system of organizational knowledge. "Performance tuning is an experimental science, you need to build and experiment, and then establish the theoretical assumptions according to the experimental results.

Fortunately, performance monitoring tool can be seen everywhere in the Java world, performance analysis tool can be run independently of the application, development environment built not only, also has the operating system provides tools. Using these tools, in order to find out the truth from the data in the ocean.

This book is the Java application performance tuning of the Bible, the content easy to understand, the monitoring and measurement tools, involving a variety of hardware architectures and operating system. Covers how to construct experiment, interpretation of results and how to act and other skills. If you are a detail control, then this book is for you.

                                                                                                                                                                    ——James Gosling, The father of the Java

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