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How To Structure Your Website Properly (new)

Posted on 01/13/2017

Site structure is one of the hardest SEO techniques to master and one that can sink your site from the beginning. This is not because there are certain complex coding steps involved, but because site structure is just another term for user experience. If you use Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, or any other content management system,

Does Social Media Impact Website Ranking? (new)

Posted on 01/11/2017

A hotly debated topic for all SEO experts is whether or not Google uses social sharing as a factor for its results. And there really is no definitive answer that anyone can draw from, in other words, no one from Google is talking. It’s been our experience though that yes, social sharing does play a factor. To a point.

The data structure of nginx important

struct ngx_module_s { //Ctx_index is the module counter classification, the nginx module can be divided into four types: core, event, HTTP and //mail, Each module will each count, the ctx_index is each module numerical in its class group ngx_uint_t ctx_index; //Index is a module counter,

Centos6.4 nginx startup error

The following error occurred when nginx starts error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Input LDD $(which /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx) Get => (0x00007fff48ff0000) => /lib64/ (0×0000003065800000) lib

The Linux kernel sendfile analysis

In the Apache, nginx, lighttpd, web server, there is a sendfile related configuration, in some online information has said sendfile will improve the file transmission performance, what exactly is the sendfile? It's principle and how it? In the traditional file transfer (read/write), which in fact is more complex, need to go through

In win7 to add nginx to the system variables caused the tragedy

Start nginx, If you do not specify a configuration file, Then nginx will automatically to your current directory to the config/nginx.conf configuration file, You configure the system variable nginx, So you can use the nginx command in any place, When you are in the directory without config/nginx.conf, It can't find a configuration file

Linux installation and configuration of Nginx (Ubuntu)

Nginx is a high performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, its performance with Apache. Now to install Nginx on Linux! 1 installation 2 after the installation is completed, the directory structure for: In the configuration file/etc/nginx The program file at/usr/sbin/nginx The log file in/var/log/nginx The startup script

(source code compiler installation) how to install nginx, PCRE, zlib, OpenSSL in

How to install nginx on Linux, pcre, zlib, openssl | Browse: 2911 | To update: 2012-03-10 17:58 How to install nginx, PCRE, zlib, OpenSSL tools in the Linux system Tools / raw material Loading the Linux system computer nginx,

NGX source code analysis module and initialization

Content 0 sequence 1 what nginx module? 2 nginx to describe these modules? The 2.1 module data structure 2.1.1 ngx_module_t structure 2.1.2 ngx_command_t structure The 2.2 module class diagram 3 nginx how to organize these modules? 3.1 global array ngx_modules The 3.2 module structure diagram Module type 4 nginx

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DotNetBar supergrid (new)

Posted on 01/22/2017

hi i want select (focus) a rows in DotNetBar superGridControl1 with source code.but i cant. for Example: i want write "5" in the textbox and click button , then Row(5) select in the superGridControl1 please help me  for this source code thanks

The same machine to a Pg service, there are two Pg database, how to realize the

So, there is a PostgreSQL database service on a single machine, two data of db1, DB2, db1 How to access the data inside DB2, use the SQL statement to the operation, online for a long time do not know how to access, Said the use of dblink also don't know how to use, the environment is Windows2008r2 Pg9.2.2, who can To answer

The PostgreSQL9.2.3 X64 installation problems

Wrong interface copy content as follows: --------------------------- Error --------------------------- An error occured executing the Microsoft VC++ runtime installer. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------

A: how to view a table partition data exists in which partition?

A: how to view a table partition data exists in which partition? Thank you!

How the Postgres database covering type recovery

Everybody is good, I now on the Postgres database backup and recovery has such a demand: I set up a single access site in PC, the presence of Postgres database content. Every day I put the contents of the database using crontab backup to a file in ScholarWebsite.db. At the same time, I set up the same web site on NB.

PostgreSQL need to explicitly specify the client code?

The server is a UTF8, Then the client Is it right? Also need to specify what? Looks like the Google up, no one in the specified. In accordance with the relevant contents of the document: It is not required. There is a problem, if the server is a UTF8 encoding, so all my select out of the data a

PostGis computing the nearest point so slow ah

The two table, the first table is grid, a total of more than 28 records are as follows: CREATE TABLE grid ( id serial NOT NULL, x integer, y integer, closestdistance double precision, geom geometry(Polygon,2335), CONSTRAINT grid_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id) ) CREATE INDEX idx_grid_geom ON grid USING gist(geom);Table second

EnterpriseDB (Postgres Plus Advanced Server) 8.4.4-10 for Linux installation.

EDB8.4.4 is the latest version of the website, can go to official website to download, but the installation will be required when the product key, may contact the sales staff to acquire test code. I have to install the product code, quickly installed, see. To share with everyone. Because the installation files

"PostGreSQL9.0 performance tuning", translation is not a general abuse!

Authors: Wu Hua Zhou Juan Wang Xuechang With great expectations bought this, found swindled! The author in this jar? I want to claim! More than Machine Translation not much strong, do not see also know some, see the part completely don't understand! Hire college students when the short is not excessive to such a degree.